Tri-Lake Health Centre Renovation Project Complete

July 2021

Patient room renovations at the Tri-Lake Health Centre in Killarney have been completed thanks to a generous outpouring and fundraising support from individuals, businesses and  community organizations.  The final part of the $260,000 three-phased project recently finished when bathroom renovations to 20 patient rooms were completed this spring.   

Tri-Lake Health Centre Care Team Manager Shawn Lockhart says although the project spanned a few years, the final result is an up-to-date standard of bathrooms to help with safe, ease of access for patients.

“None of the bathrooms were wheelchair or walker accessible because of either the size of the doorway, which was the case in all of our rooms, or the size of the bathroom, which was the case in our single rooms because they all had bathtubs in them.  Because of this, all patients that relied on a walker or wheelchair had to share one bathroom that happened to be down the hall from patient rooms.”

Lockhart says making sure the safety of patients with mobility issues was always top of mind when undertaking the renovation project.

“There were situations where some patients needed to go to the bathroom at the same time, and some rather quickly, which increases the risk of injury or falls.  It was also difficult to get equipment in and out of the bathrooms, including lift equipment and this was another potential risk to both patient and staff.”

Lockhart is very appreciative of the community getting behind such an important health centre initiative.

“On behalf of staff, past, present and future patients of Tri-Lake Health Centre, we thank our local businesses for their support and everyone for the community donations we received for this endeavor.  Because of your hard work fundraising and the generosity of the community and surrounding area any person that come to Tri-Lake and becomes a patient will be safer and their dignity preserved as a result of the renovation project.”

Phase 1 involved replacing 20 windows and curtains in patient rooms. When this was achieved, it actually made the rooms warmer in the winter and more energy efficient.  The new curtains provided more privacy for the patients but were easier for them to open to enjoy the sunlight. 

Tri-Lake officially opened in 1976 and all of the windows in the patient rooms and bathroom fixtures were original to the opening.


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New Patient Windows