Ste. Rose General Hospital Celebrates 80 Years

October 2019

On Saturday, October 5, 2019, the Ste. Rose General Hospital celebrated its 80th Anniversary with a Mass and formal presentation. Archbishop Richard Gagnon from the Archdiocese of Winnipeg, along with seven Grey Nuns, some who had previously served in Ste. Rose, presided. The Ste. Rose General Hospital is owned by the Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba, an affiliate with Manitoba Health Seniors and Active Living and Prairie Mountain Health.

The Ste. Rose Hospital was opened in 1939 by the Grey Nuns of Montreal, with Dr. Lionel Gendreau as its only attending physician. Dr. Gendreau’s practice was large both geographically and numerally, and the hospital contained 19 adult beds and 14 infant/children beds, although the hospital averaged over 40 patients a day. Dr. Gendreau’s expertise, compassion, energy and groundbreaking techniques made him one of the founding physicians in Manitoba. The current hospital was built in 1957 attached to the original, which is still in use as an administration and housing facility. The hospital was Manitoba’s original training facility for Licenced Practical Nursing (LPN) training, facilitated by the Grey Nuns.

The formal presentation was well-attended with speeches from the Grey Nuns, Dr. David O’Hagan, Executive Director Michelle Quennelle and local clergy and politicians.

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Past and present employees in attendance.


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A display of pictures, old hospital equipment and Dr. Gendreau’s personal medical supplies was available. It was a day of memories and a message of gratitude and hope.