Project: Hello

December 2020

Canadian Mental Health Association Parkland and The Pas Region (Swan Valley Branch) offers free phone-based peer support sessions offered by experienced and local Peer Support Workers.

It is not uncommon to feel isolated and lonely during these times especially with the Holiday Season right around the corner.

Changes brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic be it socialization, financial, relationship, illness and addiction, employment, and family dynamics, can be difficult to deal with. This can lead to feelings of stress, worry, fear, and uncertainty with not knowing how to handle the changes we are faced with.

It is in times like these that talking and connecting with others can make a positive difference. Knowing that you are not alone and that there is hope as we move forward. Taking small steps in understanding what each of us are going through and how we can support one another as we head into a time that so many of us associate with the gathering of our loved ones.

Through PROJECT: Hello, individuals can call the Regional Toll-Free Peer Support Line for CMHA Parkland and The Pas (Swan Valley Branch) at 1-800-880-0824 to receive peer support and resources through phone-based contact. This is a service provided for ALL adults, 18 years of age or older. After initial contact with a Peer Support Worker through the Regional Toll-Free Support line, individuals accessing PROJECT: Hello will be contacted by a local Peer Support Worker based in either Dauphin, Swan River, or The Pas to receive ongoing peer support, services, and/or resources at a local level.

Through their Peer Support Program, CMHA Parkland and The Pas Region (Swan Valley Branch) has been helping Manitobans for 30 years. Further information on CMHA Parkland and The Pas can be found on our website or on our Facebook Page – Canadian Mental Health Association Swan Valley Branch.