Prairie Mountain Health Celebrates the Participation of Volunteers

November 2021

International Volunteer Day mandated by the United Nations General Assembly, is held each year on the 5th of December. It is viewed as a unique chance to celebrate the efforts of all volunteers. 

Prairie Mountain Health is fortunate to draw upon many citizens who volunteer in a variety of ways.  Across the region are several community based palliative care groups; fundraising hospital auxiliaries and foundations who have maintained efforts to support health care.

During the pandemic, volunteer placements adapted to many changes and citizens have stepped up to assist.  Region wide volunteer placements directly related to the Covid response during the fiscal year ending March 2021 totaled a contribution of 5,300 hours.  Volunteers supporting the Covid response in PMH are active in Grandview, Swan River, Souris, Russell, Killarney, Neepawa, Dauphin and Brandon.  Brandon Regional Health Centre volunteers contributed 12,000 additional hours assisting in a variety of patient care related placements as well as the two retail auxiliary enterprises.

PMH is fortunate to receive ongoing support from volunteers.  Many of these volunteers commit for the long term and provide a shift or two weekly.  We celebrate this support by sharing awareness of their participation.  Although the placements are supplemental in nature; PMH staff will tell you that they enhance the role of service delivery across the region.

Vol 1     Vol Minn 3x2       Vol 2
 Vol 5      Vol 6        Vol 3

Canada Volunteer Awards – PMH Staff Involved

In the realm of recognition of the PMH Volunteers, Manager of Volunteer Services – Barb Ross challenged the international certification process several years ago providing her with a CVA (Certification in Volunteer Administration) designation.  This certification is recognized internationally but more specifically by the Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada where Barb has been a member for some time – aligning  and collaborating with Manitoba and Canadian Volunteer Leaders.  It is due to this CVA designation that Barb had the opportunity to be selected to participate as a Regional Reviewer for the prairie provinces on the Canada Volunteer Awards selection committee.  There are several categories and criterion for the nomination process of a Canada Volunteer Award.  Barb will continue to be a Regional Reviewer for the 2021 candidates click here to view the 2020 recipients. 

Barb r Barb CVA Certificate r

PMH Manager of Volunteer Services – Barb Ross