Neepawa Doctor Recognized For Mentoring Efforts

May 2020

A Neepawa physician was recently chosen to receive the University of Manitoba Medical Class of 2020 Attending Mentorship Award. Dr. Brian Milligan, who has been practicing at Beautiful Plains Community Medical Clinic for nearly nine years, received notice of the recognition earlier this year.

The honour is presented to a clinician who makes themselves accessible by giving of their time, attention and sharing their life experiences to mentor students during clerkship.  Clerkship consists of the third and fourth years of medical school where students spend time caring for patients and helps students transition from the classroom to clinical sites.

“I am honoured and humbled to receive the award, but of course, teaching students in Neepawa is really a team effort!” Dr. Milligan stated.

“Every physician in town participates and this is consistently reflected in the evaluations we receive of the student experience in Neepawa.”

Dr. Milligan has taken students under his wing since his second year in Neepawa (2012). He received his medical degree at the University of Manitoba and completed his Family Medicine Residency at Dalhousie at their rural site in Fredericton, NB. He received extra training in obstetrics back at the University of Manitoba.

“Teaching has always been part of being a doctor. All the way through training senior medical students teach the junior medical students, the Residents teach the medical students, and the attending physicians teach everyone along the way. So, this is just part of what we do but I do think it is an honour to train up the next generation of students and try to share some of what others have taught me.”

Dr. Milligan says he tries to provide as straightforward advice as possible to learners.

“I try to give them confidence in the skills they’ve been taught so far and remind them of the privilege we have, as physicians, to care for people in their most vulnerable moments.  I remind them to take advantage of every learning opportunity and to actively seek out those opportunities, especially if they are considering rural practice,” Dr. Milligan added.

According to Dr. Milligan, almost every learner comments on how positive their interactions are with the patients in Neepawa and how appreciative they are for the patient’s willingness to see and interact with medical learners. They are all very appreciative of the accommodations provided for them in the basement of the medical clinic by Neepawa Area Development Corporation (NADCO).

Prairie Mountain Health extends its congratulations to Dr. Milligan for his ongoing commitment and dedication in training health-care professionals within our region and the province.

Dr Miligan Neepawa May 2020