DRHC Redevelopment Frequently Asked Questions

DRHC Redevelopment

Pardon Our Progress

The Dauphin Regional Health Centre is undergoing a major redevelopment and you may have some questions.

Here are answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions:


Why are the main front and back entrances at Dauphin Regional Health Centre (DRHC) closed?

This is part of the $23-million dollar Redevelopment of Dauphin Regional Health Centre. A new Temporary entrance to the hospital opened off Jackson Street on November 6, 2017.
The initial project phase involved construction of a Temporary Emergency Department.  The Temporary Emergency Department opened November 14, 2017.  Construction work is now beginning on redeveloping the former Emergency Department area.

Where do I go to get into the hospital if the former entrances are closed?

A new temporary entrance to the DRHC has been created at the back of the hospital and community health services building off of Jackson Street. Watch for signage.

Am I still able to access the DRHC front ramp or drop off areas in front of DRHC?

No, these areas are restricted (to ambulance and physicians only) as the next construction phase is underway.

Where can I park my vehicle if I have an appointment or am visiting someone at DRHC?

Public/visitor parking areas have been enhanced at the back of Dauphin Regional Health Centre.  Access to the hospital’s back public parking lot is via Jackson Street or 4th Ave. SW. Watch for signage.

Are there any provisions being made to access the DRHC if I, or a family member, has a disability or faces mobility or other health-related challenges?

Yes, near the temporary entrance there will be clearly designated and marked areas for those with disability, mobility or accessibility challenges to try make accessing the DRHC a little easier.  This includes wheelchair access and handicapped parking areas. These areas will be closely monitored to ensure they are being used appropriately. Watch for signage.

If I require a wheelchair, are they available?

Wheelchairs are available inside the hospital entrance at the information/reception desk.  Please inquire at the desk upon arriving at DRHC.

What happens if I take a HandiVan, Medical Transportation Vehicle (non-EMS) or Taxi to the Hospital?

Transportation assists, such as the supports listed above, still need to use the temporary back entrance at the hospital. There is a designated emergency patient drop-off/pick up area off Jackson Street. Watch for signage.

Where can I gain access to the DRHC if I am a staff member?

An entrance for staff only is accessible at the back of the DRHC.  Watch for signage.

We’ve heard of recent changes at the DRHC Emergency Department.  If I want to access the Emergency/Outpatient Department, where do I go?

The DRHC Emergency Department remains open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The only change has been a recent relocation to a new space (still on the main floor of the hospital) while renovations continue.
As always, if you have an urgent or emergent situation, please call 911 for EMS (ambulance) services.   If your situation is non-urgent and a visit to the DRHC Emergency/Outpatient Dept. is required, please check in with the reception area at DRHC.  The reception area is best accessed from the temporary entrance off Jackson Street.

What about other health services, like Lab & Imaging? Are they impacted right now because of all the changes related to construction?

The Lab/Imaging Department at DRHC is still at its familiar location on the hospital main floor.  Please check in with the reception desk upon entering the facility.
No other front line health care services/departments within the hospital have been significantly impacted by the construction.

What is the timeframe for some of these changes?

These changes will last into 2019. The Temporary Emergency Department and temporary entrance will remain functioning until renovations and new construction is completed on the old Emergency Department.  More information on these timelines will be identified in early to mid-2019.

What can we look forward to when the renovations at DRHC are completed?

The DRHC ED will be completely updated and standardized. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Enhanced treatment, exam and observation rooms;
  • A resuscitation/trauma care room;
  • A modernized Special Care Unit for extended care of patients;
  • Access to the EDIS public notification system to track and monitor activity and care within the Emergency Department waiting area;
  • A decontamination room;
  • An enclosed ambulance garage;
  • A new main entry to the health centre including a driveway.

Do you have a question about the DRHC Redevelopment Project? Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Updated November 2017