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Home for the Summer Program 2020 Begins in PMH

June 2020

It’s Home for the Summer time again within Prairie Mountain Health!  Home for the Summer is a joint initiative with Manitoba RHAs and the Manitoba Health Care Providers Network (MHCPN) that provides students with hands-on clinical or site experience overseen through job shadowing roles.  The program originally started with medical students but now extends to nursing and allied health-care students (which includes career areas like public/community health nursing and pharmacy).

PMH provides nearly half of the funding support for student wages within the term positions and MHCPN provides the rest.  Students originate from the region and need to be enrolled in a health-care training program that fits a future need for PMH. The program requires an agreed upon time commitment and students do not start or finish at the same time.  

Five first-year medical students, who are all originally from Brandon, are participating in the program within PMH this year.  Adam Klonowski is spending the first part of his summer stint in Ste. Rose at the East Parkland Medical Clinic then three weeks in Brandon.  Emma Ball is working with Dr. Nemani and Katherine Lee will be working with Dr. Rhynold.  Gol Roberts is working vacation relief with EMS (ambulance services) but on her days off, she plans to spend some time with rural physicians including Dr. Cram in Neepawa.

Serena Chen is a medical student working on a multi-disciplinary project on Interprofessional Review of Alternate Models of Care with other University students Randie Murdy, Bachelor of Nursing student, Laura Parsons and Megan Asham, Occupational Therapy students. The interprofessional project provides an opportunity for these students to work together to develop ways on delivering an innovative and/or alternate model of patient care as it relates to identified professions.

Six students studying in the Nursing or Allied Health profession have been hired into positions for the summer.  The programs that are benefiting from the students this year are Health Information Services, Mental Health-Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Seniors Mental Health, and Therapy Services.  The Region is grateful for the contributions the students make to these programs, during the summer months. 

Besides valuable hands-on work experience, students are required to complete a project/or case report which are identified ahead of time with their preceptors/health region.  The presentation of these projects occurs at a provincial round table session in the fall.

Over the past two years, some interesting province-wide projects have included:

  • The feasibility of establishing a Satellite Fracture Clinic within PMH (2018);
  • Analysis of a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program in a Rural Manitoban City (2019);
  • Point of care ultrasound in a small rural (Manitoba) community (2019);
  • How long does it take to hear back from Winnipeg? An analysis of specialty consult services & response times (2019).

More information on these and other projects, as well as a complete backgrounder on the Home for the Summer Program, can be seen online

Emma Ball Home 4 Summer web

PMH Home for the Summer Program participant Emma Ball working with Dr. Umar Mohammed, Internist, at Brandon Regional Health Centre.


Home for the Summer students 2020 web

PMH Home for the Summer Program participants (l-r) Serena Chen, Megan Asham and Randie Murdy.


Home for Summer Kat Lee June 2020 web

PMH Home for the Summer student Katherine (Kat) Lee works with Dr. Ali Habeeb within the Brandon Regional Health Centre Emergency Room.