Holiday Greetings From PMH

December 2021

The holiday season is almost upon us and for many I’m sure it can’t come soon enough.  Together, we have all been locked in this 21-month battle against a pandemic that continues to occupy most of our focus and attention.  As frustrating as it seems, we are making progress in our collective battle against COVID-19. As Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin reminds us, remaining diligent, especially during this time when gathering with loved ones, friends, and family, remains the right path forward to stay ahead of this virus. To assist you with holiday season planning, please find some helpful information here

This time of year is especially difficult for those who have loved ones that are in our hospitals and personal care homes. As we continue with more stringent visitation guidelines in our facilities because of COVID, please check the latest requirements on our PMH website here.  If still unsure about the guidelines, check ahead with our facilities.  

If an ‘in-person’ visit isn’t possible, you can let patients and PCH residents know you are thinking of them by going to the PMH website and filling out the ‘well wishes’ information.  By making this well wishes request, it will be delivered directly to the person on your behalf.  

For those that have lost loved ones, or for those facing other stressors and challenges, the holiday season is an extremely difficult time of year. Prairie Mountain Health provides mental health services and supports for those in need. We all have mental health and we have to continue to make our well-being a priority.  Remember, it’s okay to talk about it. To learn of resources and supports available visit our website here

I’d like to take this moment to especially recognize our staff, our health care heroes, that have continued to give of themselves over the past year. They have been through the lows and the highs, always doing what they do best — providing quality care to people we serve. We can’t say thank you enough! We know residents within our health region are extremely grateful for your dedication, commitment and compassion that you bring to work with you every day!

Whether gathering in-person this year, or by virtual means, here’s hoping your holiday season is filled with love, happiness and memories.  Decorating the tree, exchanging gifts, singing or listening to songs, celebrating traditions, watching heartwarming movies, enjoying a great meal, playing games, volunteering —whichever ways you choose to celebrate or recognize this time of year —our hope is that you make it as enjoyable as it can be!

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