Health Innovation Award for Patient-Centred Care

January 2020

On December 10, 2019, Shared Health presented the provincial Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) System of Care initiative with a Health Innovation Award for Patient-Centred Care. The award celebrates initiatives that have directly resulted in improvements to front-line services which are seen and felt by patients and the public.

The goal of the COPD System of Care is to improve patient experience of those living with COPD through patient engagement, self-management, skill development, and enhanced integration and transitions between community and acute care services.  Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) along with Winnipeg, Northern and Interlake-Eastern RHAs are currently involved in the initiative. The team believes the standardized protocols utilized in the COPD System of Care will help create a province-wide approach, and ongoing evaluation is helping measure outcomes against other Canadian provinces. In PMH, the initiative is currently underway at Brandon Regional Health Centre and Swan Valley Health Centre with anticipated spread across PMH.

Pamela McTavish, the PMH Initiative Lead and Earl Baron, Patient Partner accepted the award on behalf of the many PMH staff (including: the Chronic Disease Education Program, Lung Health Clinic, Spiritual Care, Respiratory Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Nursing, Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, etc.) who are working hard to improve care for those living with COPD.

Respiratory Disease In PMH

PMH recently released its comprehensive 2019 Community Health Assessment. One of the key regional findings within the report was that more than 23,000 PMH residents live with respiratory disease such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, or emphysema. The rate is significantly higher than the provincial average, increased significantly over time and remains the highest in the province. The CHA also concluded:

  • The rates for PMH are driven by residents in the Brandon zone, who have significantly higher and increasing rates of respiratory disease.
  • All 5 districts in the Brandon zone are significantly higher than the provincial average and increased significantly over time.
  • Downtown Brandon residents are over two and a half times more likely to be diagnosed with a respiratory condition than residents of Agassiz Mountain district.

By participating in the COPD System of Care initiative, the region hopes to make inroads into reducing our high rates of respiratory disease.  PMH will provide additional updates regarding the COPD initiative and other stories related to CHA data in Health Plus in the months ahead.

Pam Earl 2x3

Pictured: Pamela McTavish, PMH Initiative Lead on the COPD System of Care initiative, along with Earl Baron, Patient Partner.