Donations for PMH May 2022

May 2022

The Hamiota District Health Centre Foundation Inc. continues its support for the Hamiota Health Centre with the recent purchase of the portable ultrasound diagnostic tool for physicians in the Medical Clinic and throughout the Health Centre in general. 

Vaughn Wilson, H.D.H.C. Foundation Administrator, says over the past five years, the group has financially supported the Health Centre with the purchase of the following items; Glidescope for the Emergency Department - $18,000, Birch Lodge Activity Area Cabinets - $5,500, Televisions for the Acute Care Rooms - $3,100, Donation for renovations to the Lilac Residence Visitor Room - $1,000, and $4,300 for the purchase of the Ultrasound Unit as depicted above.

Recently, the Foundation has committed financial support for the purchase of PCH resident dining room chairs in the amount of $14,000 and for replacement of Acute Care windows in the amount of $6,000, both from restricted equity funds.

Dr B 2x3

Dr. Breneman with Butterfly IQ portable Ultrasound Unit