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Visiting a Personal Care Home during COVID-19

LInks and Resources

Please refer to the most recent Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) providing clarification between public health orders and personal care home (PCH) guidelines; as well as the mandatory mask poster.

For the most up to date information on visitation guidelines, please see the Shared Health website or follow these links:

PMH recognizes that the risk of COVID -19 to residents of personal care homes (PCHs) is still present and we are integrating preventative measures to assist family and support systems to remain connected while mitigating the introduction and spread of the virus. In order to support successful socialization and family contact, we have compiled the following visitation fundamentals:

What you need to know:
  • Guidelines for the number of visitors and location of visits will vary based on the resident and visitor vaccination status as well as the resident’s medical condition and the provincial pandemic response level.
  • Site visitation availability varies based on your group and room size at the time of the visit.
  • If the resident has additional precautions in place, or the facility goes into outbreak further restrictions may apply.
  • Please contact the PCH in which your loved one resides to discuss specific visitation guidelines. Click here for personal care home contact information.
  • Any person presenting to a PMH facility will be screened before entry, including assessment for symptoms or known exposure to COVID-19 prior to entry. No visitor shall be permitted if they have any cold/flu or other COVID-19 symptoms, have been in contact with a confirmed case or are waiting for COVID-19 test results;
  • Documentation (date and time) of your visit will be kept on file in our facility should this be required for contact tracing.
  • Designated family caregivers (those deemed essential to the emotional wellbeing, health and quality of life) are family and/or a close friend who have a clearly established pattern of involvement in providing care and support. Two designated family caregivers may be allowed per each resident.
  • There are differences between the visitation criteria and flexibility of a visit based on if you are a designated family caregiver, an unvaccinated general visitor, or a vaccinated general visitor, or if the resident is experiencing end of life circumstances.
  • All visitors and designated family caregivers will be escorted to the designated visit location and are asked to perform proper hand hygiene, minimize contact with surfaces (e.g. escorting staff member will press elevator buttons, open doors, etc.), and comply with Infection Prevention and control and physical distancing measures. Visits may be suspended if visitors do not comply with these measures.
Gatherings & Celebrations

For information related to faith based celebrations and services, please see

Bringing Items for your loved ones

At this time, resident specific, cards, magazines, newspapers, books, flowers and plants can be brought in for your loved one. These items must n with PMH Policies, should be discussed with site staff for details.  Please see the resident handbook at PMH148.pdf (

Questions or Concerns

If any questions or concerns arise, or you are looking for site/resident specific visitation information, please contact nurse in charge at the PCH in which your loved one resides.  

If you are unable to resolve your concern please reach out to:

PMH Patient Relations:  (204) 578 2104 | Toll Free: 1-800-735-6596 |

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are committed to provide a safe home and work environment for our residents and staff.  We are grateful for your continued cooperation and patience. We request that you please share this resource with others who may wish to come and visit your loved one at our PCH.