WiFi - Welcome Addition to Boissveain Health Care Facilities

Thanks to two important community groups, health care facilities in Boissevain now have updated tools to help keep families in touch with one another.

Both the local Palliative Care committee and the Health Care Auxiliary donated $2,000 to have WiFi brought into the Boissevain Health Centre, Evergreen Place and Westview Lodge. According to Elaine Wintle of Palliative Care, this was something they had wanted to do since about 2012. The Prairie Mountain RHA had asked the groups for donations, and they originally committed to $1,000 each. However, in order to get the job done, they each doubled their contribution. Shortly after that, in February, they found out the facilities in Boissevain were approved.

“It’s a techie world,” Wintle explained. “For families of patients at the hospital, it’s a great way to keep in contact with families or family members who are far away. We’ve been wanting it for years.” Wintle said it was a good thing for Palliative Care to get involved in. It allows patients who are on the last journey and using the palliative care room to keep in touch with their families and friends. She added it is great for patients in the regular hospital rooms, particularly if they are in for a long period of time. “It keeps them in contact with the world.”

At Westview, the WiFi will be available in the sunroom. This will allow families of residents to take their members down and use their own technology to show pictures, share emails or something on Facebook. Wintle said she does reading at Westview once a week and she will now be able to share more than ever before.

She added Palliative Care was able to put in their donation from their fundraising efforts, like their annual Hike for Hospice in May, or their Farmer’s Market lunch in the summer. As well, other groups and individuals donate to the cause.

The committee had been working on making their sunroom in the Health Centre, which is accessible from the palliative care room, into a four-season space. However, Wintle said that is put to rest for now, as they found the costs were too prohibitive. They did replace the windows in the sunroom, re-did the palliative care room in a butterfly motif and are trying to get the bathroom renovated with a walk-in shower. They are also looking at what might happen with the planned assisted living facility to perhaps get involved there in some way.

The WiFi is a big step up for all of the impacted areas. “It’s good,” Wintle said, “I know people will really appreciate it. We always try to make improvements. We do what we can do.”










Pictured:   Dr. Nell accepts a cheque presented by Elaine Wintle and Donna Garland.        

 Article courtesy of Paul Rayner, Boissevain Recorder
Photo courtesy of Anna Latimer