In Sixty


What is IN SIXTY?

IN SIXTY is the new strategy of action and quality care for patients during their first days of cancer suspicion, diagnosis and to a first treatment if needed. In June 2011, the Province of Manitoba announced a $40 million investment towards transforming the cancer patient journey. In November 2011 the development of IN SIXTY (also known as the Cancer Patient Journey Initiative) began with a Manitoba Cancer Partnership Steering Committee and an overarching goal to reduce the time from suspicion of cancer to first treatment to 60 days or less, by no later than 2016, and to do so in a sustainable manner that also improves the quality of the cancer patient experience.

Why do we need IN SIXTY?

Cancer can affect anyone at anytime. In Manitoba, over 6100 patients are diagnosed annually and up to ten times more undergo investigations for suspected cancers. Many patients and their families have found the cancer journey complex, difficult to understand and highly stressful, especially in the first few weeks when testing procedures and specialist appointments are occurring. Any delay in tests and care during this time heighten anxiety and may critically affect clinical outcomes, such as patients requiring more intensive treatments. When IN SIXTY began, the suspicion to treatment phase for patients took anywhere from 3 to 9 months. Some delays were rooted in: a lack of coordination, integration, and information flow among the multiple health care organizations involved - resulting in complex care pathways and patient handoffs; lack of clinically-defined diagnostic and treatment care pathways- resulting in diagnosis and treatment delays; poor communication between the health care system and patients during this initial stage in their cancer journey. Services need to be streamlined and new approaches across organizations are needed to make the best use of the skills available in the cancer workforce.

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