Celebrate Volunteers

Celebrate the Value of Prairie Mountain Health Volunteers - “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” — Elizabeth Andrew

National Volunteer week in Canada is celebrated April 15 – 21, 2018.

Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) is supported by of over 1,200 volunteers throughout the region.  On average these volunteers contribute 2 hours per week.  Volunteers fill many roles in a variety of placements including, but not limited to: activities/recreation assistant, one-to-one visitors, musicians, wayfinding, transportation support, lending library, fundraising and Palliative Care support.   Palliative Care volunteers are an example of community-driven volunteer engagement, supporting patients/clients in 17 communities throughout the region.  Approximately 200 volunteers are offering their time in this Palliative Care volunteer role.

PMH Board Chairperson Catheryn Pedersen says the region is indeed fortunate to have such wonderful individuals, groups and organizations that give freely of their time, effort and compassion within the region. “Our health region’s Vision is: Health and Wellness for All. We rely on our staff, physicians as well as numerous stakeholders and health partners, to collaboratively work towards this Vision.  This includes volunteers and volunteer organizations who contribute to our
never-ending goal of promoting and improving the health of people in our region.  On behalf of our Board, management and staff, I sincerely thank all of our health care volunteers who continue to selflessly assist us throughout the year.”

Take a moment to thank any of these volunteers.  The motivation for many volunteers to give of their time is fueled by wanting to give back to the ‘Community’.   These volunteers are your neighbours and your friends.  They come with a wealth of experience including; teachers, office workers, police officers, students, farmers, health-care workers and numerous other occupations. 

Volunteers will be celebrated at different events throughout the region in the forthcoming weeks.   Our volunteers love to help assist in the delivery and support of health services.  Let them know we appreciate what they do!!